April’s Donation to EB Senior Center Complete! + Upcoming Events

Good Morning FBTH Family!

Here is some information about April’s donation and the events that we have coming up:

  • Yesterday, April 30th, we have been fortunate enough to donate to the East Brunswick Senior Center. We donated 20 canvases, 20 brushes, and 3 full sized bottles of paint. The people we donated to were so nice and sweet, and were really grateful to receive the items.
  • Next month, we are planning a very special donation, so stay tuned!!!
  • Our application for the EB Arts and Music Fest has been accepted!!! We will once again be hosting a booth at the annual spring festival held in East Brunswick, NJ. The date for this event is on June 2nd, from 11:00am-5:00pm. Stay tuned for announcements on what we will be doing for our community project this year 🙂
  • Our tax year ended yesterday on April 30th, and we will file our 2017 990-pf form soon.
  • As always, please donate to our organization if you feel inclined. We operate because of donations from the great community we have built, and any amount would be appreciated.
  • Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We are either under From Brush to Heart or @brushtoheart

We love you and we thank you…..

~Paint Beautifully~

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