April Donation Coming Soon + Upcoming Events +Daisy Tricky Tray!

Hi FBTH Family!!

Can you believe we are nearing the end of April already?! 2018 is surely moving along, and we are making sure to move along with it:

  • April’s donation day will be on Monday April 30th. Make sure to keep checking our website and social media sites next Monday to find out where our special donation was for this month.
  • This past Friday, April 20th, two members of From Brush to Heart attended the awesome Tricky Tray event presented by the Daisy Association. It was so nice seeing the communities within East Brunswick coming together for a great cause. We appreciate everyone that took the time to place a ticket in our, “Brush Your Heart Out” basket; From Brush to Heart is proud to give back to such a great organization.
  • Our application for the EB Arts and Music Fest has been accepted!!! We will once again be hosting a booth at the annual spring festival held in East Brunswick, NJ. The date for this event is on June 2nd, from 11:00am-5:00pm. Stay tuned for announcements on what we will be doing for our community project this year 🙂
  • Our tax year will be ending on April 30th, and we will file our 990-pf form shortly thereafter.
  • As always, please donate to our organization if you feel inclined. We operate because of donations from the great community we have built, and any amount would be appreciated.
  • Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We are either under From Brush to Heart or @brushtoheart

We love you and we thank you…..

~Paint Beautifully~


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