New Updates!

Hello FBTH Family!
A lot has been going on this month so let me update you on the happenings of From Brush to Heart:
1) We are officially From Brush to Heart Inc.!! We are a nonprofit company registered with the state of New Jersey; this will open up the doors for us to receive grants and donationswe will be able to include more people in our group, and the best part is, we can help more people!
2) Welcome to our newly re-designed blog! We hope this blog is more welcoming and easier to navigate as we go through the donation process.
3) From Brush to Heart is all about family and kindness and helping others, and if you are crazy about that too….We Want You a Part of Our Team!!!! We always need volunteers to help us paint and  put to together kits. If you are interested in doing either, please email! Also, keep checking our Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages for information about our painting days, where we get together, paint, listen to music and eat food.
4) Our next big donation is to The Sickle Cell Association of New Jersey, a great group that helps persons with Sickle Cell Anemia with whatever they need. If you would like to learn more about this fantastic organization, please visit

5) We are on Pinterest now! Click on the Pinterest link under Contact List to visit our page!

6) And finally, From Brush to Heart greatly appreciates any donation made to our organization. It is an amazing feeling to be able to give back and make someone smile, and the fact that you are there with us and supporting what we do makes all the difference.
No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, no matter what your situation is and no matter what race, class, gender or sexual orientation you are, please know that From Brush to Heart wishes you the best with everything.
Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season, and We Will Check In Soon!
~Paint Beautifully~

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