How To Make an Art Kit!

Hey FBTH Family!
I just recently wrapped up the art kit donation for SCANJ (Sickle Cell Association of New Jersey) and I thought I would share with you my very simple process for making them. As the holiday season approaches and you are wondering what to give your friends, family or even a stranger, try making a From Brush to Heart art kit! Our art kits are made to give both an inspiring painting and supplies to create your own. They are very easy to do and inexpensive to make, about ~$7 a kit:

Supplies for Art Kit:
-8×10 canvas
-4×4 canvas
-Paint for you to use
-Paint to give away in the art kit
-Wrapping paper
-Ribbon (optional)
-Paint brush for you to use
-Paint brush to give away
-A nice note for your recipient 🙂
Step 1: Paint on any canvas; From Brush to Heart usually paints on size 8×10 for our donations. Remember that it doesn’t matter what you paint so long as it is unique, colorful, and uplifting. We range from abstract paintings to paintings of objects, so really it is up to you!
Step 2: After you finish your painting and it has dried, you are ready to put your kit together! Put the blank canvas, paint and paint brush you are giving away on the back side of your painting.
Step 3: Wrap your art kit! We use cellophane to show what is in the kit for demonstrative purposes, but feel free to wrap your kit in any paper or plastic you choose.
Step 4: Make sure to include a note in your kit to let your recipient know how special they are and that you wish them the best. Our kits include our business card to let our recipients know they can reach us anytime!
And Viola! You have made a successful From Brush to Heart kit. Even if you just make your own painting or give someone the supplies to make their own, this gift will be appreciated. As cliche as it sounds it really is the thought that counts and a gift like this really shows that you care 🙂
~Paint Beautifully~ 

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