Keep the Kindness Flowing+Updates!

Hello FBTH Family!!
I hope we are all having a great day, and if not–stay positive; it will get better :0)
This past Friday, we completed our fourth donation to Care One in East Brunswick. We donated 30 art kits, and it felt incredible.
We donate to make others happy and to encourage others show their generosity anyway they can. The world that we live in is in uncertain times, but the need to be happy is always present. So I remind you that no matter how small a kind gesture is, it is always worth doing 🙂

A few things to update you on….
*We have just sent in our 501(c)(3) application to make From Brush to Heart as big and as great as possible!
*We are getting our own web domain soon, so stay tuned….
*Our April donation is just around the corner, so if you would like to contribute to our organization by way of 8×10 painting, supplies or monetarily, please email !
Well that’s all for now folks! Stay positive and remember to always….
~Paint Beautifully~

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