Donation Day #5 Coming Soon!

Hello FBTH Family!!!!
April is here which means Donation Day is just around the corner! Donation Day is one day each month when the members of From Brush to Heart donate 30 kits to a predetermined location.
There are 5 steps to every FBTH Donation Day:

1) The board members of From Brush to Heart get together each month to decide where we are going to donate for that month. We talk about it extensively and we ultimately end up with an awesome decision.
2)  After we know where our art kits are going to, we go to craft stores to get all of our supplies!
3) As soon as we have everything we need, we get to painting! We solicit anyone and everyone to help us create 30 8×10 paintings.
3) After all of the paintings are done, we are all set to make our art kits! We spend a whole day wrapping an 8×10 painting, a blank canvas, a paint brush and paint pots to make our kits.
4) When every painting is painted and every art kit is put together, we contact our donation location to make sure that our Donation Day is set to proceed!
5) Which brings us to the day of the donation! Members of FBTH hop in the car and we go wherever we need to donate those kits.
This whole process is a blast for us and we cannot wait until our next board meeting :0)
Thank you, and remember to always…….
~Paint Beautifully~

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