January 2021 Donation to SCD Foundation!

Hello FBTH Family!

I hope your 2021 is off to a happy and healthy start! From Brush to Heart is back in full swing, and we are excited to take you along on our journey.

This month, From Brush to Heart has donated to the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation. SCD Foundation is the oldest sickle cell organization in the nation, and they have served the community for decades. We have mailed our donation of 2 paintings and 10 original cards to the SCD Foundation on January 25th, 2021.

While we navigate this pandemic, please keep a lookout for different types of donations from us than you would normally see. Rest assured that every donation will be made from the heart.


-Looking for a great Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day gift? From now until February 15th, you can purchase wine through our link on ONEHOPE!From Brush to Heart will receive 10% of the proceeds from the purchases made through the fundraiser! Please use this link: https://www.onehopewine.com/event/84243. Thank you for your support!!!!

-Our next ‘Craft With Us’ livestream will be on Saturday, January 30th! Join us at 12pm EST on Facebook.com/frombrushtoheart

-Heart to Heart Month begins in February! February is all about love, donations, and heart health. We will be doing videos about making heart crafts, heart-shaped desserts, and discussing the importance of keeping your heart healthy.

Thank you!

~Paint Beautifully~

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