September Art Kit Donate-a-Thon Donations Complete!

Hello FBTH Family!

We are very excited to say that we officially wrapped up the September Donate-a-Thon 100 art kit donations today! It has been a wild, amazing, craft-filled month and I couldn’t be happier! There were so many pieces that came together so wonderfully, and if you would indulge me for a moment, I’d love to share them:

1) I have a really great team at From Brush to Heart. My board is made up my family, both blood and otherwise, and they have really championed me throughout this first month. They have also came through to help me put the donations together! Thank you everyone, I love you all ☺️☺️

2) We were extremely organized and prepared for each donation. We put together each Art Kit by hand weeks before we were set to donate them. Not only did this give us some wiggle room should any mishaps come up, but we also didn’t have to worry about adding more stress to this already very stressful year 😉

3) The last piece that I am really happy about is that we were able to give back to Sickle Cell Association of New Jersey and The Embrace Kids Foundation during September, which happens to be both Sickle Cell Awareness Month and Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Both of these debilitating illnesses have had a very strong impact on my childhood and my life overall, and it warms my heart to know we are able to help 2 very vulnerable populations. 

Thank you for letting me ramble for a moment lol! I’ve had the best time this month, and I can’t wait until next month for another round of the Art Kit Donate-A-Thon!!! 

Stay safe and be well 💜💜💜

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