August Donation Complete! + New September Adventures+ FBTH Fridays!

Hello FBTH Family!!

Let’s get right down to business, we have a lot to cover today:

  • Yesterday, August 31st, we completed our monthly donation. We gave back to The Chelsea senior facility in East Brunswick. It was great getting to talk with the staff, and see how the art supplies would be used for the residents.
  • We are in talks to participate in the East Brunswick Day event on September 23rd. Stay tuned for an announcement of our official enrollment!!
  • Starting September 7th, we will be doing ‘FBTH Fridays!’ where we post a fun video with a different theme each week. Keep an eye out for the ‘FBTH Fridays!’ topic list coming out on Wednesday, September 5th.
  • Details about our September donation will be coming out soon, so make sure you check out our website and social media pages!
  • Finally, we bid farewell to our From Brush to Heart Executive Board Member, Kaitlin, as she studies abroad in Scotland for her fall semester in college. Good luck, Kaitlin!
  • If you have not done so already, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and our website,

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

~Paint Beautifully~

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