June Mural Donation Complete+Kindness PSA!!

Hello FBTH Family!!

  • We are so excited to announce that today we have donated our beloved mural to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic within the Cancer Institute of NJ. As are all of our donations, this one was a special one. This one really touched our hearts because CINJ has been the doctor’s office of the Founder of our team for over 20 years. At the bottom of the picture, we have put a dedication that reads:

“Dedicated to the wonderful residents and families of CINJ” and “Donated by From Brush to Heart”

(We have a lot of exciting donations and events coming up over the next few months, so make sure you keep checking our website and social media sites!!)

  • PSA: It costs absolutely nothing to be a good person. So, say ‘Happy Pride Month’ to someone you know is celebrating. Lend an ear to a neighbor whose family is struggling with the recent border crisis. Give a kind word to someone who needs it. One small gesture, can go a long distance.


 ~Paint Beautifully~

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