Thank You Project Wave


Hello FBTH Family!!!

We are well underway to completing our October Donation, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about something awesome that From Brush to Heart was able to take part in.

On Sunday, October 2nd, we had the pleasure of hosting Project Wave at the office. Project Wave is the brainchild of Lindsey and Lee Ellen Fulmer, who created this adventure because they wanted to know about the lesser known charitable organizations throughout the country. When they came over to paint and talk, they were nothing but gracious, kind and interested in From Brush to Heart. And funny! These are two extremely funny sisters. After they painted with me for a couple hours, they took back ten canvases to paint for donations this month. Not only did they create ten beautiful paintings, they also donated a $25 gift card to our organization!

To Lindsey and Lee Ellen Fulmer of Project Wave, thank you for all of your generosity. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization, for donating money and paintings and for being the amazing people that you are 🙂

Project Wave:

~Paint Beautifully~

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