Message From the Founder #1

Hello Everyone!
As I was thinking about From Brush to Heart today, I never actually said where the inspiration came from. So please, bear with me as I try to explain:
A lot of things stem from why I decided to start From Brush to Heart. One reason is because I love volunteer work; I have volunteered for a youth organization that benefits special needs kids for four years and I now work for that same program. I also love to do breast cancer and sickle cell anemia walks, make pillowcases for the ill, and spend time at senior centers.

Another reason why I started this organization is because I found peace through painting. I have always loved art projects like scrapbooking and drawing; don’t get me wrong, i’m hardly a skilled artist, but I do enjoy putting on music, picking up a paintbrush and losing track of time. This past year has been hard, transitioning from high school to college, and I felt that I needed something grounding to keep me happy. My mom and I went to an art store one day, and there were canvases and paint on sale. From that point on, when I felt times were getting hectic, I would start to paint. I think that through From Brush to Heart I could help others with whatever was going on in their lives. When life is crazy or you need a smile or a distraction, you could pick up a paintbrush and let your creativity wander.
The last reason kind of puts my first two reasons together. I have Sickle Cell Disease which is a disorder of the red blood cells. The blood cells form a sickle shape and create blockages in blood veins which cause pain. That pain can lead to other complications such as pneumonia, acute chest syndrome, clots in major arteries and a lot more. I have been in Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ as a patient more times than I can count. Throughout my time as a pediatric patient, I have had some memorable experiences thanks to organizations such as the Embrace Kids Foundation. One of my favorite memories was when the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team came into my hospital room to visit and give me a shirt. The reason why I love this memory so much is because being a five-year-old stuck in a hospital room is never fun, but getting a cool surprise gift can turn a bad situation into a great one!
Surprising someone with a kit from From Brush to Heart could really make their day. Think about it for a minute: you feel sick, you have fallen on tough times, you want something fun and interesting to come your way and then…BAM! You receive not only a new, uplifting painting but also materials to make your own cool painting. You then have a gift and a new project to take on.
That is why I feel so strongly about From Brush to Heart. I have been the person who has laid in the hospital bed waiting for a fun surprise to come through, and the person who needed some cheering up. We all need a burst of inspiration, creativity and positivity, and I believe that From Brush to Heart can provide that to the masses around the world.
Thank you, everyone who has supported us thus far. We hope to do great things in the near and distant future and we want you as our supporter and a part of our family! God bless and have a great day!!!!
-Ashley Faulcon, Founder

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